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Scene Magazine interviewed the director of The Eastside Belles, Cath Toomey – and it went a little something like this:

The Eastside Belles in Scene MagazineQ & A with The Eastside Belles’ – Cath Toomey ‘Belle’

Q. When did The Eastside Belles as a band/ group begin?

A. We’ve been around forjust on one year (since Oct of 2010) where we did our debut at the Smokin’ Sounds local festival in East Brisbane.

Q. Why did you decide to start the group?

A. I’ve been an appreciator of old-style music genres forever and felt there was a gap in the market place for an all-harmony, all dancing vintage-styled group similar to TheAndrew Sisters.
When we became busier, and as we’re all individual artists performing in various other ways, we auditioned to discover Natalie Mead Murtagh who’s certainly the gorgeous Doris Day ofthe group.When I met the brilliant Katie Richardson singing in her traddie mic in the Valley and the fabulous TashYork in our Cabaret musical, I knew that the dream could become a reality.

We’re managed by Elle Tegan Carr of Catalyst Commedia Entertainment and she’s equally as able to step in where appropriate now.

Q. What makes you unique?

A.1. We love to mix it up a bit and rearrange popular songs into forties swing or fifties rockabilly. We’ll be showcasing our new version of ‘Sexy Back’ restyled as ‘We’re bringingVintage Back’ at the gig on the 16th.

You’ll even here mash ups of Kendra blended with Aretha or Adele with Judy Garland.

A.2. Versatility is also key to the ultimate Belles experience. We stand out because of our va

ried repertoire, abilities, and capacity to do, well, pretty much anything!

As trained actresses welove to ham it up and give the shows an extra bit of pizzaz which comes from ablend of scripting and improv.

For example, I have travelled the world performing an enormous amount of jazz and classical/ opera,whereas Katie is known for her sensational ‘Blue Velvet’ Burlesque Acts and her fusion rock group and Tash has starred in various Musical Theatre productions featuring her Broadway Belt. Nat is flatout performing variety shows at Stage Door and Vintage tributes.

Q. What are your favourite songs to do?

A. This depends on our mood – which we tend to sync well with each other.

When jovial – most of the time – you’ll catch us doowopping to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy; Our sensual moments (a favourite of our fans) has us singing “Bring on the Men” and when melancholy, there we arebelting out 3 part harmony Gospel numbers!

Q. Where are you performing next? (Dec 2011)

A. We’re currently looking into producing our ownwhole night Vintage Cabaret show as well as writing more original material.

And while we’re available to clubs around town, we’remainly getting booked up for functions and the like at the moment.

Q. What are your goals as a group?

To transport people backin time to the world of all-round performance – all singing, all dancing, all acting, all real, all awesome!